What is Landmark Vinyl Fence made from?
Our products are made from virgin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) containing additives designed to resist weathering.

Are recycled materials used in your products?
No. Landmark Vinyl Fence components are purchased through leading building product manufacturers, whose business is to process virgin materials only.

What is the warranty?
Landmark Vinyl Fences carry a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. A copy of the warranty is posted in our resource library for your review.

Will my fence become brittle in cold weather?
The PVC used to construct our products has been specifically formulated to withstand cold temperatures and will not break unless subjected to an unusual impact.

How do I maintain and clean my fence?
A mild detergent and water is typically all you need to clean your fence. Tougher stains may require the use of products like Simple Green or Soft Scrub.

What effects does PVC fence have on the environment?
PVC fence is safe and nontoxic to the environment. It does not breakdown or release harmful chemicals into the earth.

Will my Landmark Vinyl Fence collect mold or mildew?
The smooth surface does make your Landmark Vinyl Fence resistant. It will however collect mold or mildew in excessively damp areas, but can be cleaned using a mild household detergent and water.

Is PVC fence graffiti proof?
PVC fence is not graffiti proof. In most cases graffiti can be removed using a pressure washer, paint thinner, 400 grit sand paper or 0000 super fine steel wool.

Can weed eaters damage my fence?
Yes. Direct contact from weed eaters and other lawn and garden equipment should be avoided.