the better vinyl fence

Landmark is the only fence fabricator who tests every PVC shipment it receives with a QUV Accelerated Weather tester. And because we're the only fence company willing to invest heavily in weather testing, we're the only company who can assure customers that they're getting the long-lasting, high quality fence they've been promised.

But that's not the only reason that Landmark is a superior choice.

BETTER BY DESIGN We build all our fences with thick, professional-grade vinyl, tested to ensure that it's made with the highest quality compounds. The wall thicknesses of these products are more substantial than those of nearly any other fence brand. And while most fence fabricators reinforce the bottom of their fence with steel reinforcements, we use corrosion-resistant aluminum in the bottom of our fences and in both the top and bottom of our railings for stability. We choose the best gate hardware, including innovative, award-winning latches from D&D Technologies.

MADE IN THE USA All our products are produced here in the United States. That means more than just jobs at home. It means we're able to build all our products to strict, consistent manufacturing standards and inspect products to ensure the highest quality. We refuse to cut corners or compromise when it comes to quality.

WIDE SELECTION, SINGLE FOCUS When it comes to the wide range of fence types and other products we offer, we insist on the same high standards for each and every one. A Landmark railing, arbor or pergola is constructed with the same professional-grade vinyl and high quality components.

OUTSTANDING WARRANTY Every vinyl fence product we offer comes with a lifetime warranty. Period.